*145 - From Zero To Hundred...

Only since Mid May im active in blogging, damn surprising that i manage to hit 100 unique visitor for the 1st time... With the title "UPM h1n1 Shut Down" =.=

Didnt know that ppl are so concern about UPM's status... lol... According to referrals, many of the hits came from Google search... But most of it from Nuffnangers :D

Thanks for dropping by :)


Cai Hong said...

my unique visitor hits 100 in a day when i post
"My ex had sex before we breka up".

btw,u perform for MPO?

XtasyM said...

lol... tat title drew my attention too... lol

No la... im not tat great to perform for MPO... i mean i went for a MPO performance... :)


Cai Hong said...

that time i was mad too bits!:P

den today after playing piano,like i say piano cure my heart:)
i gues my ex will be da girl because his best fren did not fren him animore,so he nid someone to care him,to trust him.

By thinking this way,i feel im not mad anymore,i feel im luckier than him cuz i got bunch of close frens with him,unlike him got onyl his gf:)

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P