*131 - Calorie Or Kill Your Body?

Something in my nutrition lecture puzzled me... I always thought tat Nutrition is a course to educate healthy diet to the community... Now i know its not...

My lecturer stressed a lot on calories and the bad effect of excess calories... She gave us an example of choosing strawberry jam between A and B (details below)... She recommends us to choose the lower carbs one, A since its having less calorie... When does making choices is so tat simple?

Strawberry Jam
Nutrition facts with 7g carbs
Ingredients includes corn syrup, sugar, high fructose corn syrup etc

100% Strawberry Fruit Spread
Nutrition facts with 8g carbs
Ingredients are mainly fruit juice concentrates

Analyse the ingredients carefully... u may wan to slim down by taking a 7g less calorie jam... But will the ingredient actually do more harm? What's in the corn syrup? Its a so called empty syrup with no other nutrients. What about the sugar? Im sure its a refined sugar that had been bleach to be so white, whiter than the New Darlie All Shiny White =.=

8g carbs strawberry fruit spread, a more natural product with natural occuring sugar. Fruit juice concentrate will comes with all the phyto-nutrients plants can offer. No added sugar, no processed corn syrup. Which u'll choose now?

The next hour of lecture just got more misleading. Its about artificial sweetener to combat the high calorie intake. Aspartame... Sorbital... Acesulfame K... etc all approved and certified safe by FDA. Erm... are u sure about that? Aspartame been labelled the worst of all sweeteners with 92 side effects associated with its consumption. Sorbitol, a clinical laxative n nerve damaging in high doses. Acesulfame K been associated with cancer...

Now... U choose... Calorie or Kill your body?

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2_Xiao 杰 said...

oh man, body for sure! Why can't they teach something more comprehensive...

XtasyM said...

That's wat i dont understand...

Imagine every nutritionist tells u tat aspartame is safe and u hav to take it for calorie control... die lo like tat...

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P