*108 - My 1st MPO Concert XD

MPO = Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, the BEST orchestra i'd experienced...

It was a splendid performance by the MPO tat u just cant believe the LIVE music is coming in front of u... All the while... I only attended concerts by school orchestra... And now i lived my dream to experience the performance from a professional orchestra ^^

Now i had a problem to describe my experience by words... its just... too magnificent to be describe like this... One thing i can tell u for sure is no matter how good ur speaker is... It never be able to beat the sound directly from a musical instrument... Every sound... Every bit... Every detail... One word "Wow!"
The hall doesnt allow any camera or recording devices... So i cant get a good picture of the interior... Can only curi-curi to take a shot under my coat :P This the teaser image for u... hehe... I thought before that the Singapore's orchestra hall (forgotten what its the hall name) was the best... Now i really experience the most beautiful hall till now... The Dewan Filharmonik Petronas!
The lobby of KLCC DFP... All of these photos were phone shots... Lost the feeling of those lightings... Get there n experience the true beauty k!
My partner of the night :) We purposely went shopping for her dress to attend this concert... She got no dress of this kind b4... Hehehehe~
Everyone rushing to get an autograph of the guest chinese violinist (his name was on the ticket, but forgotten :P)... Im truly impressed his solo encore... WTF... He played a Chopin's hyperspeed piece on his violin until he broke his bow frogs O.o
"Okok... i know u wanna take more photos... hehe... me too :P"
The photo of So-Many-Stairs :)
Still... the most beautiful girl in the world :D
This one is getting a bit way over... Still camwhoring while im driving our way home =.= LoL

MUST go! if u likes music... especially classical music... You wont regret it... A good place cost only rm55 and its 100% worth it... *** Marked RED on the 16th in "40 things in my lifetime" XD

Check It Out: http://www.malaysianphilharmonic.com/index.php, I can listen to its web's background music for whole day!


jfook said...

My school choir ever sang for MPO in KLCC. Damn cool.
Your partner is very pretty. :)

XtasyM said...

WOW... Ur schl choir must be good :)

n thx... u saw her on mon rite :P

2_Xiao 杰 said...

agree ^.^ I also went MPO for an orchestra named 'Wild wild west' during my form 6. thumb up and it's really worth to have such kind of experience.
Best to promote~

Cai Hong said...

i wan to go next year!
btu must buy dres?

k diet way hard now

Tammie said...

she's so pretty! XD


u're one lucky guy ;)

XtasyM said...

lummie: yap... the dress code for night performance is lounge suit... unless u go for afternoon session then its smart casual so mayb girls can avoid dresses

tammie: :D thx

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