*96 - Durian, Food For Connoisseur

Durian, its either u LOVE it or HATE it... and... i LOVE it a lot!
We had our Durian as dinner at the stall... Thats my uncle the the red shirt big belly is my dad XD
After the King of the fruits... we go for the Queen of the fruits... Mangosteen! Its said to neutral the heat of the durian...

The fact is... There is no such thing as FREE dinner in this world! What a satisfying dinner i had... Then ended up burning it all by painting my Uncle's new plant nursery =.=

There goes my durian~


jfook said...

Durian for dinner..Owh...sounds disgusting..but it's heaven-like for durian lovers right??? I hate durian!!! LOL

XtasyM said...

LoL... best meal in the world!

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P