*82 - Fart Trivia ^^

*feels a bit awkward XD

Had u noticed before, ur atom bomb is few times more EXPLOSIVE when ur fart somehow in contact with water? I bet u do!
Since before i always wanted to know wat's the reason behind. Somehow my curiosity triggered AGAIN :P and there i went googling for the answer.

There's no official answer though... Im surprised the same question is asked everywhere from Yahoo! Answer to all sorts of forum... LoL... A few explanation given:

1. The sulfur, sulfur dioxide or hyrdogen sulfide in the fart could react with moisture and become a more potent sulfur derivative, or a molecule that is more detectable by the receptors in your nose.

2. For underwater, water pressure concentrates them into bubbles, and they only disperse upon leaving the water. This means that they have dissipated less before reaching your nose and are at a much higher concentration. Showers are very humid and also reduce dissipation of the gas.

3. Moisture carries smells further - so a more humid area has more intense smells than a dry area. Farticles collect vapor on the way up, so when they hit your olfactory sensory patches, BOOM, u can smell "easily" since u only smell things tat dissolve in water.

I guess no3 sounds more sense to me... LoL... Mayb can ask this ques to the Reader's Digest ^^

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